High Performance
Progressive Design

Adaptive Homes was created in consideration of our most urgent needs: Economically Attainable Housing, Carbon Neutrality & Lowered Living Costs.

How Can Adaptive Homes Fit Your Life?


Fit your home to your life


With so many options, you can create your perfect home


Build onto an existing structure or create your new home


With a twelve week turnaround, our homes are built offiste to move  you in now!


With top sustainable building practices, you’ll be confident your home is at the forefront of new technology

On or Off Grid

Don’t let your location limit your dream

About Adaptive Homes

With over a decade of home building knowledge came the philosophy of Adaptive Homes.  The concept is as simple as it is complex, we need to a drastically reduce our environmental impact and we need to make it affordable for a broader audience. Our society is currently in a housing crisis and is in dire need of progression.

We need progressive home builders that will pursue the needs of our ever evolving community. Many of our bylaws and building practices are outdated and result in homes that consume huge amounts of energy, poor community planning and housing developments that are driven purely for profits and not the community or environment.

Although a difficult endeavor to tackle, the craft of building homes is in our heart and we find this is an issue worth fighting for. Change is inevitable, time however, is our battle.

Our Concept

Adaptive homes provides exceptional energy efficient home ownership options for those seeking attainable high performance homes. Our pre fabricated homes are sequentially inspected and certified by the CSA before leaving our facility.

Each home is carefully engineered for stuctural integreity, thermal performance and air tightness. Adaptive Homes will consume up to 90% less energy than a conventional home.

Our commitment to sustainablity goes beyond energy saving. Locally secured materials, salvaged and reclaimed materials, as well as renewable resources are all including in our building practice.


Our construction method consists of carefully engineered modular structures built in our facility “off-site work” and site preparation, city services, permitting and foundations “site work”.

Predesigned module homes

  • Design & Permitting
  • Custom Architecture
  • Financing
  • Off-site fabrication – custom or predesigned
  • On-site construction services – foundation to custom finishing
  • Delivery – A finished house, delivered and placed by crane on foundation

Custom module homes

  • On or Off-site construction
  • No size limits to the design
  • General home size ranges from 700 sqft. – 3000 sqft.  Custom projects can be as big or as small as requested by the Individual

Project management for developments

  • Design & Permitting
  • General contracting & project management
  • Project Consulting and Feasibility studies

What’s Happening at Adaptive Homes

Prototype 001

Our long awaited single family home prototype is designed!  This is a 2 bedroom house with a greenhouse mudroom entry. With the passive solar design and the thermal efficiency of our wall systems this homes operational costs will be as little as 10 dollars a month!  ...

News from Adaptive Homes

Soon to be launched! We will be adding to our blog shortly..